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Zoo Island Game

Zoo Island

Welcome to Zoo Island, the most fun and immersive mobile zoo management game! In this game, you will build and manage your own zoo by choosing from a wide variety of animals.

Bar Master Game

Bar Master

Welcome to the best bar management game. You will be the manager of your own bar and you will have to manage all aspects in order to expand your bar. You can then grow and unlock other bars!

Rainbow Snake Game

Rainbow Snake

Match Colors: Guide the colorful snakes through the grid, aligning their heads or tails with matching colors on the board.

Space Colony Game

Space Colony

Vous êtes un jeune astronaute et vous venez d’atterrir sur une nouvelle planète. Exploitez au mieux les ressources à votre disposition pour développer votre colonie sur cette planète puis explorer l’espace!

Survival Instinct Game

Survival Instinct

Following a plane crash, you apparently find yourself the sole survivor on an island. You will have to survive on the island by collecting resources to improve your camp (fire, tent, weapons) and by hunting wild animals.

Beer Pong Challenge Game

Beer Pong Challenge

Visez et lancez la balle dans les verres. Réussirez-vous à battre la fille? Beaucoup de niveau et de bonus! Vous pouvez débloquer de nouvelles balles, de nouvelles tasses et de nouvelles tables.

Slide & Match Puzzle Game

Slide & Match

An original match 3 puzzle game that will challenge you! Drag and line up the same colors 3 by 3. More than 50 original levels and an arcade mode where you will have to score more points than your friends!

War Master Game

War Master

Conquer the world through multiple battles. To win each country, you will have to choose the right units to summon in order to win the battles. Upgrade your units and choose which units you will use.

Fish & Hooks Merge Game

Fish & Hooks Merge

You will have to merge your hooks and catch all the fish. To complete a level you will have to collect a chest from the bottom of the ocean. There are plenty of levels, fish and bonuses like mines and rockets.

Balls in the Cup Game

Balls in the Cup

Collect as many balls as possible with the cup and explode the pot.

Have fun and break records!

Tank Run Game

Tank Run

Swipe your finger from right to left to control your tank and get the highest score possible through the levels. Upgrade your tank to go as far as possible.

Fish Hunter Game

Fish Hunter

Fish Hunter is a game in which you play as a cute little fish. Eat smaller fish to grow while avoiding fish bigger than you and get the highest score!

Aqualand 3D Game

Aqualand 3D

Welcome to Aqualand! Lots of mini-games await you: Balance the seesaw, Make fruit juice cocktails, Manage the cash register, Throw the ball into the basket, Participate in the pool jumping competition, and many other games

Mr Escape Game

Mr Escape

Escape each level trying to save as many of your friends as possible. Watch out for turrets and other obstacles and run to reach the finish line. Stop running to hide in a box!

Nuke Battle Game

Nuke Battle

Collect the nuclear weapon to defeat your enemies.
To do this, you can place units on the battlefield.
You can upgrade your units to become legendary.

Cube Inside Game

Cube Inside

Rotate the cube to release the ball that is stuck inside. But be careful, don’t release the black balls! More than 40 levels are currently available.

Bubble Shoot Game

Bubble Shoot!

Play an original 3D bubble shooter game.
Reach the highest level and perform as many combos as possible.

Cat Explorer Game

Explorer Cat

Explore the city like a cat.
Find the fish to change your cat.
Have fun exploring the city but be careful not to get run over by a car.

Help The Monkeys Game

Help The Monkeys

Help the monkeys survive and reach the exit.
Give them the right items and avoid killing them before moving on to the next portal.

Human Domino Game

Human Domino

People are dominoes! Line them up and avoid the obstacles until you reach the goal. You can place them in the shortest path or the longest path. Choose your favorite path!

Digit Survival Game

Digit Survival

Digit Survival is a game where the player must move his number to make the best possible score. The player must avoid negative numbers while collecting positive numbers to increase his score.